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Socially Useful And Productive Work (S.U.P.W.)
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Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) is an ancillary but mandatory part of the school curriculum. SUPW may be described as purposive and meaningful manual work, resulting in either goods or services which are useful to the community.

This emphasis on providing socially useful and productive experiences to students is aimed at bringing students closer to the real understanding of socio-economic and cultural needs of their society. It aims to help develop among the students the habit to work as a community and encourage community thinking. Working together, students learn to solve problems and make decisions and successfully contribute to their community. They connect local concerns with global issues and gain awareness of others. All this will serve them now and years later as they transition out of school and into the world of work.


Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) which is of a practical nature and undertaken under appropriate supervision and planning will help students achieve, inter alia, the following aims:

  • Developing positive attitude of teamwork and socially desirable values like volunteerism, dignity of labour, helpfulness and unity.
  • Fostering interest and participatory skills in community services and nation-building activities.
  • Providing opportunities for creative self-expression and development of problem-solving abilities
  • Creating awareness of social and environmental issues.

Learning Experience

To develop positive attitude towards world of work and community service, students should be:

  • Given opportunities to be engaged in organised gainful and productive activities;
  • Encouraged to take initiative to organise and conduct social service activities;
  • Provided opportunity to work in groups or individually; and
  • Encouraged to solve simple problems in the community

Learnings Outcomes

As a result of learning opportunities and experiences provided through the SUPW programmes, the students will become:

  • Confident and willing individuals for the benefit of the self and the society;
  • Good planners for the works that need to be undertaken;
  • Good team players;
  • Responsible and productive citizens;
  • Strong advocates of social changes; and

Suggested Areas And Activities

Given below are some ideas to get schools started with SUPW. It is not a definitive list. Schools may choose to differ from the list as it suits their needs. However, it is important to know the implications of the three terms, namely, ‘Socially’, ‘Useful’ and ‘Productive’ in identifying and deciding what may constitute as an appropriate SUPW activity.

  • Socially: The work should be relevant and meaningful in the student’s community.
  • Useful: The activities and products arising thereof should be useful to the student and also to the general group, community or society in terms of returns.
  • Productive: The activity should result in products or services which should be useful addition to existing resources of the community. The productivity may be measured in terms of tangible or intangible outcomes

SUPW activities must be voluntary, planned tasks whose outcomes contribute towards the school or the community. In looking at this broad description, it may be noted that regular and routine tasks like cleaning classrooms and surroundings should not be considered as SUPW activities.

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